Why Braces at Tustin Smiles?

Those people who are born with good teeth should consider it to be a gift from nature and a valuable asset. Strong and healthy teeth are essential in order to talk and eat effectively. They have an important effect on your smile which affects your social appeal throughout your life. However, not everyone is born with a good set of teeth. Many people have tooth problems which can include teeth which are unevenly spaced, crooked or misaligned. These problems can have a negative impact on your social appeal and ruin your smile. Fortunately, there is something that you can do to solve these dental problems.

At Tustin Smile, we can use the latest clear Invisalign braces (aligners) or braces to give you a great smile. We offer many reasonably priced and simple dental procedures. We are located in Orange County near Tustin, CA.

Clear Ceramic Braces

When and Why are Braces Required?

Braces are used to correct overbites, underbites, crossbites and to close tooth gaps. They also  straighten your teeth. In the cases of children with serious abnormal bites, headgear that modifies growth of the jaws and face may be prescribed. Give us a call to set up an appointment or visit us if you’re nearby Tustin.

How Clear Braces Work?

A translucent ceramic material is used to make clear braces. The backbone of these braces is the “arch wire” which serves as the backbone of these braces and is placed along the teeth in the jaw. The arch wire is  strong and made of steel. It uses brackets on the individual teeth to exert pressure in the desired direction. Orthodontic bands or direct bonding can be used in order to attach the brackets to the teeth,  Space is created for the orthodontic bands between the teeth using spacers. For patients who do not like the metallic appearance of the stainless-steel wire, colored or frosted wires can be used.


  • Ceramic Invisible Braces – We are now pleased to offer ceramic braces. These braces have an arch wire, tooth-colored band and tooth-colored brackets.They consist of tooth-colored brackets, tooth-colored bands and an arch wire. They are available in a number of different colors, so that they match your natural teeth.Teenage and adolescent clients can also get colored bands.The aesthetics are enhanced by the use of a tooth-colored coating on the metallic archwire.
    • Ceramic Braces Advantages – The aesthetics are appealing.
    • Disadvantages of Ceramic Braces – There is limited effectiveness in alignment and tooth movement compared to traditional metal braces. They are also usually more expensive than standard braces and, if good oral hygiene is not practiced, there is the potential for staining.
  • Lingual Braces – a major concern of many patients is  that their braces are visible to other people. Our lingual braces are not as visible to other people, since they are attached to the lingual or inner teeth surfaces. Their design is similar to clear and traditional braces with an archwire that passes through slots. It is necessary to adjust the archwire frequently in order to ensure proper alignment of your teeth.
    • Advantages – It is not possible for the casual observer to see lingual braces.
    • Disadvantage – There can be cleaning problems with lingual braces because of their lingual position. Problems with chewing and speech can occur due to interference from the archwire and brackets. Another issue with lingual braces is that adjustments take longer and have the potential to injure the tongue and other soft tissues.
  • Invisalign Clear Braces at Tustin Smile – Invisalign clear aligners are an option for individuals who don’t want to wear braces.  With these aligners, sets of clear, removable plastic aligners are placed on the lower and upper jaws. The purpose of the aligners is put pressure on your teeth while in use. Patients are given new sets of aligners every two weeks, until the teeth are straightened. The teeth are prevented from shifting through the use of the final set of aligners, which work as a retainer for the final few months.

Aligners for the Adolescent Patients

Aligners were not used initially for pediatric patients and growing children.The reason is that the shells would interfere with the new teeth that were erupting in the permanent dentition such as the wisdom teeth. However, a new design with breakable tabs has been developed that can be placed in areas where the teeth are expected to erupt while wearing the aligners.

    • Advantages of Invisalign Aligners – One of the main advantages is that Invisalign aligners cannot be seen by the observer. They can also be removed so they do not interfere with your dental health or eating.
    • Disadvantages of Invisalign Aligners – One of the drawbacks of using Invisalign aligners is that compared to traditional braces, they are not as effective. As a result, they are not suitable for several orthodontic issues such as overbites, cross bites or deep bites. They are also the more expensive of all the possible orthodontic treatment options.
  • Traditional Metal Braces – The first devices that were used for treating orthodontic problems were metal braces. They are attached to the teeth using special adhesive cement and are made of high quality stainless steel alloys. Metal braces were among the first to be introduced in dentistry for treating orthodontic problems; standard metal braces are made from high quality stainless steel alloys, and attached to the teeth with the help of special adhesive cements. The metal brace has slots which allow the archwire to be passed through. Rubber elastics or “ties” are then used to attach the archwire to the brackets.
    • Advantages of Metal Braces – orthodontists can easily align and move the teeth with metal braces.Metal braces also allow for treating extreme orthodontic conditions that is often not possible with other options.
    • Disadvantages of Metal Braces – the most serious problem with metal braces is their appearance. Metal braces also present a risk of soft tissue injury with a collision or other trauma.

Discover Traditional Metal Braces near me.

Duration of treatment with Braces

The amount of time that a person needs to wear braces depends on the their age and the severity of their condition. Braces usually must be worn for two to three years. It is possible that patients will initially feel pain or slight discomfort when wearing braces. However, after one week of treatment, the pain or discomfort usually goes away. Amit Shah, DDS can answer all of your dental questions.

As your teeth become aligned, the tension in the arch wire is reduced. As a result, frequent adjustments of the tension are necessary in order to straighten teeth. This will require regular adjustment visits to our dental office near Tustin, CA.

Orthodontic Retainers

Dentists usually recommend that youngsters use retainers for six months, after the braces are removed. They are invisible, clear, plastic shells that are worn over the teeth. They prevent teeth from returning to their original position, once the pressure is removed. If you’re nearby Tustin, schedule an appointment today!

Limitations of Braces

The number of required visits and the length of time that they must be worn, are limitations of the use of braces.  Nevertheless, our office near Tustin is very easy to reach.

Caring for your Braces

While you are having your orthodontic treatment, the following steps must be taken to care for your braces:

  • Looking after your Oral Hygiene – proper oral hygiene practices must be followed, since food particles have a tendency to stick to the braces. If these steps are not taken, gum problems and cavities are possible. One of the things that orthodontists recommend is that patients use interdental toothbrushes. These brushes have very fine bristles which allows you to effectively clean around the braces. This removes the calculus deposits and plaque.
  • Taking Care of your Diet – while wearing braces, you should try not to eat sticky or hard food. These foods can result in your braces becoming dislodged.
  • Using a Mouthguard – youngsters and teenages who participate in contact sports and wear braces, should always wear a mouthguard. If a mouthguard is worn and there is trauma or an impact, it can prevent the oral soft tissues from being injured.
  • Keep Follow-up Appointments – If you do not keep you regular appointments for checkups, there could be a delay with your braces.

If you are looking for affordable orthodontics treatment for your children, you are in the right place. You can be certain that our oral surgeons will provide the highest quality pediatric orthodontic services at the lowest cost. Therefore, don’t delay. Come into our office near Tustin so that we can take care of your child’s dental needs.