Published on March 22, 2013, Updated on April 14, 2022

Tooth Extractions: Improving Your Oral Health

Good oral health is crucial. The California Dental Association states: “Oral health is integral to general health and is essential to the overall health”. Broken and decayed teeth can usually be repaired with standard treatment options such as dental crowns and fillings. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes necessary to remove teeth to ensure bigger problems do not arise later on down the road. Dental bridges may be used to resolve gaps in teeth due to removal or after extractions.

The tooth extraction process is a relatively simple one. The tooth will need to be removed from its socket in the jaw and to accomplish this. Upon entering our clinic near Tustin, our dentist will first administer local anesthesia. Using forceps, our dentist will then remove the tooth. While many tend to limit their perception of the catalyst behind an extraction to severe breaks or cavities, the fact is that there are a number of reasons why one of our dental experts may opt to proceed with a tooth extraction. Discover dental extraction near me

The comfort and well-being of the patient is always the number one concern, and a few other reasons an extraction may be warranted include gum disease, extreme tooth decay, impacted teeth as commonly seen in wisdom teeth removal, tooth breakage, and overcrowded teeth.

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A Smile to Be Proud Of

Look for a skilled dentist near you. We at Tustin Smiles offer safe dental extraction for patients who are in or nearby Tustin. Smiling is the way we show the world our most positive emotions. In order to ensure yours is one you can be confident in displaying, tooth extractions are often necessary. Not only do they help you look your best, but they are also necessary for the maintenance of proper oral health.

The procedure is typically performed using general anesthesia, and the tooth is usually able to be removed using forceps. In some special cases, surgery might be necessary in order to get to the root of the tooth.

Aside from aesthetics, there are a number of other common benefits attributed to tooth extraction. For starters, it’s an affordable option for dealing with a severely infected or damaged tooth. Furthermore, tooth extractions are the quickest way to drain the pus resulting from an abscess in a tooth that is damaged or infected. Abscesses can be dangerous, so this is often medically necessary. Patients also appreciate the fact that the procedure doesn’t take long, and you can quickly resume your day.

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