Partial Dentures for Missing Teeth

A person’s teeth can be considered to be a nature’s gift. When you are born, they are developing and will appear when necessary. Teeth are important for you to have a beautiful smile, to be able to eat solid foods and to allow you to communicate effectively. They are also very important for your overall well-being and general health. However, serious things can happen to your teeth such as losing one or multiple teeth due to disease, extraction, accident or bad oral health.

When teeth are removed, it can cause unpleasant and awkward gaps. In the past, before dental advancements, this was a significant problem. It was even said that Queen Elizabeth I used pieces of cloth to plug gaps in her teeth. As a result, many problems resulted from the removal of teeth. Today, at Tustin Smile, we offer many procedures and solutions with bridges and dentures. They are available for patients who have lost most or only one of their natural teeth.

According to American Dental Association there are “options for using dentures to restore a person’s smile include removable dentures (either complete or partial, depending on the number of missing teeth) or implant-retained dentures”.

There are a wide range of options for dentures, or artificial teeth. They can be complete (traditional) or partial. The appropriate option depends on the number of missing teeth that must be replaced. The partial or complete dentures help you to restore your smile and your ability to eat and chew. They have a number of other benefits including: preventing teeth shifting, maintaining the contours of your face and decreasing the risk of gum disease. These denture solutions also help to release a build up of stress on your jaw.

Partial dentures are useful for situations where a patient is missing a few teeth in a row or just one tooth. With partial dentures, the artificial teeth are constructed on top of a metallic framework just filling the gap.The required number of artificial teeth are built on a metallic framework which just fills the gap. It also possible to make the base out of flexible, gum colored plastic. The partial dentures are supported by the neighboring good teeth by attaching them to crowns on support teeth or through the use of wire clasps. The wire clasps allow the patient to remove the denture and to reinsert it after cleaning. The partial dentures supported by crowns are fixed and called bridges. It is necessary to make the artificial teeth out of acrylic. This allows the color to match the remaining healthy teeth.

Partial Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Full and partial dentures are used for two different purposes. In situations where only a few teeth need to be replaced, partial dentures are the preferred alternative.The differences in the two types of dentures are described below.

  • When a patient has lost the majority of the teeth in a jaw, traditional full dentures are used.  When there are two to three consecutive missing teeth in a jaw, they will usually be replaced by partial dentures.
  • The advantage of partial dentures is that they are able to retain the existing natural teeth.When partial dentures are used, only the missing teeth are replaced. Partial dentures have the advantage of retaining the existing natural teeth. By contrast, all of the existing teeth in a jaw will be replaced with full dentures.
  • It is possible to have either fixed or removable partial dentures. Partials can be removable or fixed. Fixed partial dentures are also called bridges. It is also possible to support dental bridges on implants. They are called implant-supported bridges. It is usually possible to remove full dentures.
  • The cost of full dentures is much higher than the cost of partial dentures.
  • Partial dentures are more stable and can be retained better than traditional dentures.This is because they are supported by the jaw bone and oral soft tissues, as well as the adjacent natural teeth. By contrast, traditional dentures are rely heavily on the jaw bone and soft tissue for their retention.

Types of Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures According to Type of Material

They are a variety of materials and types that are used for partial dentures. Also, keep in mind that there can be a chance that you will need a tooth extraction in order to get certain type of dentures. You and Dr. Shah will  select the type of  partial dentures to meet your needs. The main considerations are comfort, esthetics and affordability. The following options are available.

  • Cast Metal Removable Partial Denture- This type of partial denture is the most common. Durability and strength are some of the benefits of cast partial dentures. They are attached to the support teeth using metallic wire clasps. If more aesthetically appealing attachments are desired, the price will be higher. If the proper care is taken, these durable dentures can last for several years.
  • Acrylic Removable Partial Denture – This is the most affordable type of partial denture, which is also called a “flipper”. This partial denture is removable and made from acrylic. It is not considered to be as good as a cast metal partial denture.  In order to reduce the breakage risk, the acrylic base has to be bulky and thick.This acrylic denture must be attached to the support teeth with metal clasps. As a result, it is visible when smiling and talking. The flipper is usually a temporary solution, serving as a stopgap during the preparation of the actual restoration.  Despite their temporary purpose, many people use them for an extended period.
  • Flexible Partial Denture- If the patient is uncomfortable with the rigid base of the acrylic or cast metal denture, the flexible partial denture can be an attractive option. It has a thin base that is made of flexible nylon and is heat sensitive.These dentures have clasps that are thin gum colored wires. They  go into spaces between the existing teeth. As a result, they look good and are very comfortable. These partial dentures are intended for temporary use and can be expensive. Similar to the acrylic partial dentures, many patients continue to wear these for a long time.
  • Fixed Bridge- In situations where the patient needs only one or teeth, a fixed bridge can be an excellent restoration. The fixed bridge has artificial teeth with a crown on each side supported by healthy teeth.  It is usually necessary to trim the teeth used for the crowns, so that the thickness of the crown can be accommodated. The fixed bridge is a permanent fixture and can be flossed and brushed like regular teeth. It also necessary to clean the space under the bridge. This has the potential to increase the sensitivity in those teeth. One way of avoiding this is to use a Maryland bridge. This type of bridge directly connects to the support teeth. However, it is not as aesthetically pleasing. The descriptions above are partial dentures of front teeth. In situations where partial dentures of back molars are necessary, a cantilever bridge may be needed, if there is only support on one side.
  • Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge- It is not necessary to damage existing teeth when placing an implant supported bridge. This is because the implants serve as natural roots in the jaw bone. There is also no limit on the number of teeth. In these situations, an adequate number of implants can be attached to the jaw bone at precisely calculated angulations and locations. A full mouth restoration or full arch can be made which is very aesthetically pleasing. More implants may be needed for the lower jaw than for the upper jaw. The implant supported denture does not have the limitations of traditional dentures and can be a permanent solution. This explains the increasing popularity of full dentures and implant supported bridges. This is true, even though they cost more.

Are you wondering about the most comfortable dentures? At Tustin Smile, we recommend the implant supported removable or fixed dentures. They feel and look like your natural teeth and are very comfortable, as well as highly durable. You will need to discuss with your dentist about the best denture option to fit your particular requirements. Learn more about Dentures here. 

Experienced Dentist to Help You with a Set of New Teeth

You must answer this question when you are looking for dentures for your missing teeth. What happens when an individual  purchases an expensive aircraft, but hires an inexperienced pilot? Would you ever do such a thing? If you select a tooth replacement option that involves getting a set of teeth made by an inexperienced dentist, it could result in a long period of pain, discomfort and social embarrassment.

Although it is important to get an attractive smile and to be able to speak and eat easily, it can be very expensive. This is especially true for the very popular implant supported bridges. It is, therefore, crucial to find an experienced and qualified dentist with a good reputation. They will be able to replace your teeth without teeth extractions or major surgery. Since you are going to make a substantial investment in your dental work, you don’t want to waste your money. If you choose the wrong dentist, you could be faced with a major financial loss as well as painful teeth and an embarrassing smile.

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