Having a complete set of strong teeth can be beneficial to our everyday lives. Without it, you’ll face various issues, and one of which is that missing some does not look good when you smile. We are here to make sure that you’ll no longer be embarrassed when you smile. Get a partial or complete set of dentures from us and enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out how simple it is to achieve a perfect smile.

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What are Full Sets?

This type of denture is needed when you have little or no teeth. When there are a few surviving ones left, the dentist will remove them to make sure that your mouth will be able to fit a full set properly. Read more about partial dentures to replace one or a few missing teeth.

A full set is made up of false teeth that made of acrylic based materials. It has a gum-colored base and is designed to fit in your mouth as snug as possible. The base will cover your palate and your gums which is why it is necessary to have a snug fit.  A proper fitting won’t have an irritation in your gums and won’t get loose because there is enough suction between your gums and the denture to keep it in place.


The procedure starts when the specialist removes any remaining teeth that could hinder the denture’s optimum performance. Then the dental impressions are taken and it will be sent to the lab where the prosthetics are made. Your impressions come with specifications for the color of your gums. When it is ready, your dentist will test the fitting on your mouth and will make slight adjustments when necessary.

How to Care for your New Teeth

Caring for your new set is very important. What is great about dentures is that you can put them on and off as you please. You’ll need to remove them whenever you clean it, then put it back on. Before you sleep, you need to remove the them and soak it in a solution. If you do not soak it, it will dry out and could possibly warp. This will make them virtually useless.

They won’t provide your tooth with the roots and because of this, your bone sockets – the one you have your original teeth on, are likely to dissolve away. It is a common occurrence in dentures and it is known as bone resorption. Your gums will shrink and you’ll need them to be relined to get the proper fit. They can last for up to 7 years when cared for properly.

Are there any limitations?

They have their limitations and like what we said earlier, the need to reline is one of those limitations. Probably the most common disadvantage of these is that they could get loose sometimes and could drop out of your mouth.

What type should you get?

Upon inspection of your dental health, dentists will suggest various types that are available. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Removable Partials. When you have two adjacent teeth that need to be replaced or removed this type is best suited for you. Removable partials close the gap with artificial ones. It has clasps in which it holds the teeth in place and provides extra support.
  • Flexible. This type is a common choice for patients as these they are flexible. This property makes the dentures stick better to your gum and will only cause slight discomfort.
  • Fixed Bridges. Hate the clasps? Fixed bridges are permanently attached to your crowns. This makes them a lot stronger than the previous types.
  • Full conventional sets. When you’re missing all of your teeth and need a replacement this is the best solution. It is a full set that is secured to your mouth via a suction build up in between your gums and the dentures.

Options without pulling teeth

It is a common situation where patients don’t want to have their teeth removed. If you don’t want that as well, your dentist will respect your decision and you could have a denture with most of your teeth completely intact – that is, if they are healthy.  A rotting tooth canal can lead to inflammations and infections so removing it is an absolute must.

Some full set dentures are supported by implants. This is commonly called an all-on-4. It is the best procedure to get if you want as close to the feeling of having natural ones. If getting an implant-supported option is not your preference, there’s another option that uses snaps. Snaps let you remove, move and put it on whenever you like.

When you don’t want to have your tooth extracted, the best option for you is to have an overdenture. Overdentures can help prevent bone resorption. It is a prosthesis that rests over the roots of the natural ones.

New Teeth Longevity

As you get older, your dental health becomes more apparent. It will start to hurt and you’ll experience some issues. The reason you need an artificial ones installed because your oral health condition is poor. Oral health mirrors your oral hygiene. Make sure that you visit a dental office that has achieved industry standards for your treatment.

Poor oral health means that the quality of your jawbone could be affected as well. This might need certain procedures to fix the problem. Some of the procedures include:

Alveoplasty.  Under this procedure, the jaw is re-contoured in order for the bearing area of the fixture is rounded. This helps it have the most surface area and enhance the retention.

Bone Grafting. When the patient has a poor jawbone quality, this procedure is carried out. The dentist will need to place of the bone graft to the jaws. A bone graft strengthens the retention support.

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