Dr. Amit Shah is a general dentistry specialist, including in the administration of All-on-four, five, six and eight day dental implants. Dr. Shah offers exceptional care to all of his patients.

Living without your natural teeth is never easy. And it can be even harder if you choose to get removable dentures to replace your missing teeth. No matter how much time and effort are put into the making those dentures as lifelike as possible, they’ll never quite be the same as your original, natural teeth. So, what’s the solution?

Tustin Smile is the closest option for people in Southern California, and we offer full mouth rehabilitation services to our patients. Using implants supported permanent dentures, your teeth can feel strong again. We perform every procedure to the best of our abilities, so that your new teeth look and feel just like the natural ones. If you’re in the Tustin area and need to find the best dentist that’s nearby, then you can’t go wrong our staff of dentistry experts.

All-on 4, 5, 6 & 8 Dental Implants

What Exactly Are All-on-4, 5, 6, and 8 Dental Implants?

An implant supported prosthesis is one of the best methods for permanently replacing your missing teeth, using between four and eight in each jaw. The best thing about this form of prostheses is that you get an implant for each missing tooth. In short, you may not need a full replacement. A minimum of four are sufficient for supporting a complete set of dentures themselves.

Here’s How Your Full Mouth Implants Work

With implant supported prostheses, there can be all-on-four, all-on-five, all-on-six, or all-on-eight implants placed in each jaw. These can support either a removable or fixed set of dentures. All-on-four Implant Prostheses are the most commonly used form. These are when two implants are placed in the front of the jaw. The remaining two are placed in the back at a specific 45 degree angle. In situations where increased support and retention for the prosthesis is required, six or even eight can be placed in the jaw. However, this practice is not very common, as an increased number of implants require a greater volume and thickness of the jaw bones.

Who Can Use Full Mouth Restoration?

Generally, people who seek to replace their missing teeth with dental implants are suitable candidates for getting any form of the prostheses. Implant supported dentures are ideal in the following cases:

  • Full Mouth Reconstruction – Looking for complete mouth rehabilitation of your upper or lower jaw? We recommend multiple teeth implant prostheses for supported dentures.
  • Full Smile Makeover – Are you trying to get your smile to look beautiful again? This option could be your best chance to impress people with your new smile.
  • Fully Reabsorbed Bone – Conventional implants won’t be placed in your mouth if your jawbone is not thick enough. In these cases, providing complete mouth reconstruction with full mouth implant prostheses is quite feasible, and are preferred over other tooth replacement options.
All-on- 4, 5, 6 & 8 Dental Implants

How Are Permanent Dentures Implanted?

Fabrication and placement of All-on-4, 5, 6, or 8 implants is carried out in two phases. The first phase involves a placement procedure, while the second phase consists of loading them into your jaw with a suitable prosthesis.

  • Placement of Dental Implants – One of our dentists will make sure that you are completely pain-free and comfortable during the procedure, by administering local anesthesia. For the extremely anxious or worried patient, conscious sedation may also be used. The surgical procedure itself is initiated by making an incision over the soft tissue overlying the specific jaw bone where the implants need to be inserted. A surgical flap is raised, and a tiny hole is drilled in the jaw for implant placement. The implants are then screwed into position while applying controlled force to the spot.
  • Implant Loading – Typically, a complete denture would be fixed to the implants by using an abutment, after complete healing of the surgical site has occurred. However, new dental breakthroughs can now let skilled dentistry experts immediately load them into the jaw with a suitable prosthesis. In the case of immediate implant loading, the dentures and their abutments are prepared before they are placed and immediately inserted once the initial surgery is completed.

The Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants

Implant supported prostheses have a number of advantages over the conventional prostheses, such as dentures and bridges. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Speedy Recovery – We try to keep the number of surgeries to a minimum, for your convenience. This is done to ensure that the overall procedure is quick and can be followed by a complete and quick recovery.
  • Reliable Durability – Unlike conventional dentures which need to be repaired or replaced frequently, implant supported prostheses are incredibly durable. If you look after your oral hygiene properly, you can expect these impressive inventions to last for a lifetime.
  • Quick Aesthetic Results – While other conventional options will require several months before a prosthesis can be fully placed over them, All-on-4, 5, 6, or 8 Implant Supported Prosthesis are immediately loaded with new teeth. What does that mean? You can get that beautiful smile in just a single day!
  • No Need for Bone Grafting – You may be concerned that a bone grafting is necessary for the procedure. But since the implant supported prosthesis can be placed where the quality and quantity of bone is less pronounced, there’s no need for grafting. Typically, the effects of bone resorption are mild in the front area of the jaw bone. Therefore, the two implants in the front are ensured to be stable, and are effective in retaining the prosthesis. The implants at the back are usually placed at an specific angle. This means that they can be placed even where there is less space between the upper and lower jaw bone than usual. We also use mini-implants for the same purpose in specific situations.
  • Simple & Convenient – Do you want to enjoy the durability, strength and comfort of dental implants that is combined with the look of fixed or removable partial dentures? This means that you can eat and speak naturally, and feel just like you used to.

With our help, you can get that beautiful smile back. So what are you waiting for? We are located in Tustin, deep in the heart of Orange County, CA. Set up an appointment with our lead dentist, Amit Shah DDS today, and learn more about all the procedures we offer.