Natural and common over-the-counter items are used to remedy tooth pain at home. Fast toothache relief at home is achieved using a saltwater solution, cold compress, garlic, and peppermint. Toothache is any pain or discomfort felt in the tooth and mouth due to an infection, tooth decay, or nerve irritation. A dentist should be consulted right away if severe tooth pain persists after two days.

How to Achieve Fast Tooth Pain Relief At Home?

Home remedies for toothaches are made with items you have on hand. Home solutions for toothaches target the bacteria and inflammation that are contributing to your tooth pain.

Here are the top 7 home remedies for your toothache.

  1. Saltwater rinse – Using saltwater rinse for a toothache reduces swelling. Saltwater works by cleaning the mouth and getting small food debris out from between the teeth. Warm water and a half teaspoon of salt are used to rinse your mouth for 30 seconds to relieve tooth pain.
  2. Cold compress – The swelling caused by a toothache is effectively treated with an ice compress. A cold compress relieves dental discomfort by constricting blood vessels. Apply an ice compress for 10 to 15 minutes at a time throughout the day.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide rinse – Hydrogen peroxide acts on bacterial infection and edema linked to tooth pain. Combine water and 3% hydrogen peroxide in equal parts to make a mouthwash. Swish the hydrogen peroxide solution in the mouth for 30 seconds. Children should not rinse with hydrogen peroxide due to the risk of ingesting it.
  4. Garlic – Garlic efficiently reduces tooth discomfort by attacking bad oral germs. Garlic eases toothache by reducing inflammation. Fresh garlic is chewed or applied in a crushed form to relieve tooth pain.
  5. Peppermint tea bags – Menthol, a component of peppermint, reduces gum inflammation. A warmed peppermint tea bag is applied to the toothache location to bring down inflammation.
  6. Clove oil – Clove oil relieves toothaches by numbing the pain. Eugenol, a component of clove oil, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Clove oil is applied with a cotton ball to the area where the tooth hurts. Another home remedy for toothache is to make a mouthwash with water and clove oil.
  7. Vanilla extract – Vanilla extract reduces tooth pain inflammation. Apply vanilla extract with a clean finger or cotton ball to relieve your toothache.

What are Other Common Remedies for Toothache?

Oral pain relievers and over-the-counter products are additional home cures for toothaches. Toothache manifests as pain in the teeth, gums, and jaw. Decay, abscess, tooth extraction, and nerve irritation are all causes of tooth pain. Get clearance from your doctor before trying home treatments for Toothaches during pregnancy.

Does Heat Cure a Toothache?

A toothache is relieved by heating after a cold compress application. A hot pack helps to encourage blood flow and healing. Avoid using heat for tooth discomfort brought on by an infection. Visit the dentist right at once if you have a toothache infection.

Does Ibuprofen Cure a Toothache?

Ibuprofen is a fast-acting oral tooth pain reliever. Ibruprofen is used at night to treat severe toothaches.

Does Bonjela Cure a Toothache?

Bonjela helps with toothache swelling and infection. Bonjela is applied to the gums to relieve toothache pain and swelling.

Does Aspirin Cure a Toothache?

Another oral medication used to treat tooth pain is aspirin. Aspirin should not be used directly on an irritated tooth. Aspirin burns the mouth chemically when applied directly.

Does Coconut Oil Cure a Toothache?

Coconut oil reduces toothache inflammation and targets dangerous oral germs. Gargle with coconut oil for 20 minutes then rinse with water to ease tooth discomfort.

When Should I Get a Dental Appointment for My Toothache?

Toothaches that do not get better with home remedies require professional dental care. Tooth pain for more than 2 days means you have a condition that needs to be treated by a dentist. Visit Dr. Amit Shah of Tustin Smiles for your toothache and other Dental Emergency.